Stephen Fry and ‘Last Chance To See’

National Treasure

Stephen Fry is currently on location in Africa filming a follow up to Douglas Adams and Mark Cowardine’s ‘Last Chance To See‘. Stephen and Mark are returning to the same locations in search of the same animals so see how wildlife has fared over the last quarter century.

He has also launched a redesign of his website The new site promises more community features and some commercial content. If Stephen’s prolific output of blessays and podgrams isn’t enough for you, you can now follow his every move on Twitter.

The Blaggers Guide to Country

Last week saw the welcome return of David Quantick’s wonderful Blaggers Guide series.

Co-written with Simon Poole this is the kind of music history lesson you wish you’d had at school. Packed with weird and wonderful true stories it’s the perfect platform for Quantick’s eclectic musical knowledge, rapier wit and delightfully silly sense of humour. However much you may disagree with his iconoclastic opinions, he has that rare disarming ability (akin to P J O’Rourke) to make you laugh, because his clear love for his subject shines through.

Past series covered a┬ádiverse and seemingly scattershot selection of popular music genres, together with a short series devoted to classical music. This time around it’s country music. Yeehaw!